Rozelle’s Professional Art Hanging and Transport Services

There is nothing like admiring the beauty of a piece of art that encapsulates and enhances the space it’s in. Whether it’s in a home, a commercial foyer or an art gallery, art and specialty mirrors have the unique ability to absorb and transport a viewer, with installation playing a key part in creating impact. Sydney Picture Hanging provides professional art hanging services to help you make the most of your art, keeping it safe and secure in the process.

Give your art the expert attention it deserves

Not only does professional installation ensure your art and mirrors are safely secured, our specialist art handlers use in-depth knowledge to help you style and position your pieces to fully take advantage of lighting, perspective and the unique dimensions of your spaces. Our team has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and provide a range of expert art services including:

  • Art tracking
  • Mirror hanging
  • Art placement

Whether you’re looking for a single piece of art for your home, or you’re a venue in need of larger projects, our team have the tools and services to help. Our industry leading art tracking is perfect for commercial galleries or venues in which art is regularly changed. Talk to our team to learn more.

Safe and secure art transport

The safety of your art is paramount to maintaining its value. Whether you’re moving home or premises, or have purchased a piece that you need delivered, our professional art transport services will get your art to its destination in pristine condition. Not only is the art or mirror itself valuable, framing and structures are often very expensive and custom built, so ensuring it is transported correctly is essential to ensuring you maintain the value of your pieces. Whether it’s a rare collector’s item or a sentimental heirloom, give your art the professional protection and attention it deserves.

Use the experts for your art services

Sydney Picture Hanging are proud to work closely with residential and commercial clients across Sydney and Rozelle, and can work with you to create bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Book a service online today or contact our team on 041 025 8709.

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