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Can you come and hang my pictures right now?

Usually yes, we do many art installs a day and can normally fit you in the same or next day.

What payment do you require?

Payment is required on the day of your art installation via Cash, Credit Card or Cheque. We do not offer invoicing until a credit card has been recorded on file. We do not have facilities for American express.

How much do you charge?

We are competatively priced against other professional art installers in Sydney, please also understand we are art industry professionals not a handyman service. We will be happy to give you a quote upon completion of our contact form or we can provide a quote imediately over the phone.

Im not sure what type of walls I have, how can I tell?

If you knock on the wall and it sounds hollow it is gyprock, if you knock and it feels solid it will be brick or concrete.

Can you hang a heavy mirror on plaster board, crumbly and/or uneven walls?

Yes we can, there is a picture hanging solution for almost every scenario, we have over 15 years experience in difficult installations and there is little we cannot do when it comes to hanging artworks.

We live in a rental property and cannot drill into the walls how can we hang our art?

There are a few damageless options available such as adhesive picture hanging hooks on the market, however we will not install these for you as they can fail. We recomend booking us in to remove the picture hanging hooks and fill the holes with plaster when you are moving out. We do not offer a painting service but can make a recomendation, you will need to find out from your building manager what the wall colour and paint type is.

Some of our frames need new wire or D-rings attached is this included in your service?

Yes our picture hanging service includes ensuring the frames have adequate hanging wire and D-rings, in some cases this may incur additional charges which we will inform you of prior to work commencing.

How long does it normally take to hang all the pictures in my house?

Hanging pictures can be a tricky business, from crumbling walls, avoiding electrical cabling, difficult access etc. Being organised and having furniture clear, artworks placed where they are to be hung and without interuption as an approximate guide 10-15 average sized artworks can be hung per hour and the average house should take no more than 2-3 hours.

I have a large artwork / heavy mirror that needs two people to lift, am I able to assist you lift it onto the wall to save being charged for a second art handler?

Within reason, and if we deem it safe, yes we are happy for you to take over the assist art handler role.

We are interested in buying some new artworks but not sure where to look?

We are currently putting together one of the largest potfolios of quality creadible Australian artists, who are producing new contemporary art and commissioned works, with many exclusive artist with good potential investment opportunities. We are more than happy to bring along out portfolio to your installation to via the artists samples, BIO and portfolio.

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